Escape from Toytown

Album: Pockets of resistance ()

Song: Leave it in the Ground

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Escape from Toytown began in the winter of 1995. The song Fuckhead Zone was written about a nasty police confrontation after an Acid World gig at the Embassy Hotel when Violent Femmes fans picked fights with punks leaving the venue. Escape from Toytown fitted the song, a solo acoustic by Cal.
Members of the band were Cal Crilly on vocals and guitar/keyboard formerly of Alien Virus , Acid World , Queer , Mortis , Mr. Bastard , Surly Girls and Act in the 80's. No-System in England 82.
Rosi Ambrosius on bass and guitar. Rosi was also in Zygote.
Stumpy on drums from '97. Stumpy is frontman for Vaginabillies and has played in Alien Virus , Queer , Mr.Bastard and has filled in for many bands including Fred Negro , Invisible Empire , Big Bongin Baby.
Chris played drums in 95/96 played guitar and keyboard later.
Doug Mohr played guitar in 95/96 and moved overseas.
Rikki Pieters did backing vocals for a couple of years.
Sarah played cello in 98.
We toured Rockhampton in 97 but cooked a car causing $5000 damage.
We did a new year's eve gig at Toowoomba in 98 and were treated so badly by the venue that we gave up touring as a bad money pit. (:
We supported Propaghandhi in 97.

Releases have been Junk Food and More Toys in 96 on cassette.
New Boring Order in 97 on cassette.
Fish and Chip Bitch was put on the 4ZZZ Hot 100 in 97. Fish and Chip was no.1 Fuckhead Zone no.4.
Barcode the World and Splurt Records put Fuckhead Zone on CD compilations in 97.
Oracle Records put out the Escapegoat CD with 10 tracks in 99. Oracle went broke in 2000.
We released the DIY When In Rome Do Something Different CD in winter 2001. 6-Tracks.
The DIY Pockets Of Resistance CD was put out at the end of 2003. Home recorded. 15 Tracks.
If You're Sick and Leave It In The Ground were put on Songs of Protest comp. in 2003.

Escape from Toytown - "So far underground we're digging tunnels.."

Check out my bands Helical Sun, Star Sludge, Escape from Toytown, Queer and Acid World here, Cal